We’re all working hard to protect the environment for the next generation.

Fill Facts™ is an educational initiative from Cleanaway Australia.

Fill Facts is all about ... landfill facts!
Where does your rubbish go after it's collected from your wheelie bin?
Who are the people who take care of the local environment around the Melbourne Regional Landfill?
What happens over time as waste decomposes?
How are we producing renewable energy for the local community onsite?
We answer all these questions and more in a series of videos and fact sheets.

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Melbourne Regional Landfill is owned and operated by Cleanaway Australia. You may also know us as the people who come to collect your rubbish from your wheelie bin every week.

We manage 16 landfills, run waste management and recycling centres around Australia - employing over 4,500 people.
The Melbourne Regional Landfill receives waste from the local household and business community. We also manage waste for the broader Melbourne metro area.

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